sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

The blog is Soulstoned !

I have been lost for a month. I had a conjuction of Family issues, Piles of Work at the Office, and end of semester Exams. I just didn't have the time to post.

I raid 2 days a week, friday and sunday nights, most times 7 hours. This month I raided only 2 days. My Guild has been having a hard time with our second 10 man group, and our main 10 man group seems to be stuck on progression. So the few time I had to play, was spent dealing with those problems with the other Officers.

Small guilds have not very forgiving rosters, I'm the main tank on my 10 man group, and we have an always changing off tank, for a complex amount or reasons. My 10 man group got stuck on the sames fights  while those changing off tanks filled my place as main tank.

Time has for as long as I can remember, been my worst enemy. I just don't enough time. Stubborn from Sheep the Diamond, used the term "Part Core Gamer" (He might get copyrights on this...), to describe how he approaches WoW, and its very close to how I approach WoW too.

Getting the best of the time I have, and using it effectively, to cover School, Work, Guild Manahing, Raid Leading, PvPing and last but probably the most important thing, Finding a Girlfriend (I broked up recently, and it lasted 4 years so I'm on a weird place right now). Thats why I haven't post, and a lot of interesting stuff is happening right now.

As of now most things keeping me  from posting, seemed to have gone away. I was about to come back, but an oportunity for a Trip to Korea appeared, its not vacations tough, I'm visiting the Hyundai Construction Equipment factory, but hey a trip to Korea its a trip to Korea, right ?, so I'll be delaying my return.

I end my post with some interesting Paladin information covered by other and more experienced bloggers. And with the promise of returning next week for good.

The Paladin tier 12, was one of the topics I intended to cover, yet I like Bubbles covered already.

I have been working on a Protection Paladin simple Guide, but Rhidach, from Righteous Defense does it masterfully, and has some insight on Nefarian.

Paladin Master Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon, talks about Holy Mastery.