lunes, 31 de enero de 2011


Recruiting, it needs to be done, and need to be done right. On my humble opinion, recruiting is basic in making your Guild what you intend it to be.

Guilds tend to vary in their enviroment, some are really friendly and familiar; others inmature and disrespectful; some are really small with no more than 3-4 people online at the same time; some are really populated but dont really do much together; others are pretty casuals or engaging in pro like manner to some aspect of the game. But each Guild has a "Feeling", and is made, on how the people inside it interact with each other. Create the everiment yoy want, and look for people that tend to have some of the traits most of your Guildies share, or that get in that "Feeling".

Guilds are made of Guildies, thats a fact. So here are the things I think you should to keep in mind when recruiting.

-Know what you are looking for. Raiders, PvPers, PvRaiders, More People; but also the Social Skills, Attitude, Respect, Mindset.

-Check the Availability in time, You may find and awesome prospect, but he plays on hours, none of your Guildies are on, or he doesnt have enough time for what you are looking for.

-Look a bit on the Background, If its a Raider, Raiding expirience; a PvPer, Ratings. Guild History may be a fast way to know what kind of attitude he has, but be really respectful and casual, dont go picking on people, just get to know a bit of them.

Dont recruit more Raiders, if you cant get them to raid. Yes you can surely have a bench, or rotational spots, but having people sit with nothing to do may cause drama, and its not fair for those people to get them with hopes and promises. Dont get me wrong, having a bench or rotational raid spots is a fine way of raiding, but when you offer raid spots to a recruit and end benching them, that aint right. So be upfront when you recruit; being honest about your guild state will get people willing to take the shot at your guild.

Same goes for PvPers, dont get those if you dont run BGs or arenas teams, unless you wish to involve in PvP.

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