viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Flying High

A raider got a call during our Conclave of the Wind encounter, the call got longer than we spected, and people began to loose focus and started getting stressed up. So it occur to me that we all got mamuths, and I had a spare portable Hole on my bag, I cant remember why I had one but meh, things might happend for a reason. So I said, "4 Laps Race, all abilities available, The winner takes it all". I tought some people were sleeping but as I position myself in the mark, I found myself nervous at the tought of losing my bag to not so bored and rather greedy Raiders.

We didnt finish the race, at the 4 lap the missing raider came, and we race to start the Encounter.
Have you find a way to cope with AFKing when needed?

We killed the conclave that night, and on a side note, when you kill them, you get a mouse option to jump in a vortex to get yourself to Al akir, so when we were about to take the "kill" screenshot, halve the raid got flushed to Al akir, and regroup was needed to get the screenshot.

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