lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

10 reasons why you should be friends with a Pally

Paladins are a rare sight. I know we are everywhere, but not everyone is a Paladin, not a real Pally.

We rare real Pallys tend to be awesome, and incredible sexy IRL, well maybe not all, but we have a tendency to be sexy.

I will be making a future post about Paladins and Paladins (See the difference?), but today, I'll just give you
10 reasons why should be friends with a Pally

1. We are just plain Good Looking, don't mind what kind of Race you play. Search your feelings you know its true.

2. We are cool to hang out with, and look specially good on "Boss Kill" photos.

3. Famous Pallys on the last Boss on expansions, and its common knowledge we all Pallys are buddys.

4. Pallys are know for they camaderie, with whom they call friends

5. Paladins will always watch your back

6. We trust our friends no matter how dire the battle

7. Pallys stand to the challenge XD

8. They are trust worthy and won't chiken out

9. Pallys are always a force to be reckon

10. Pallys always help

What im trying to say is, chill out with your friends, have fun when you log on. Be it, that you choose to Raid, PvP, run de AH or just quest, do so with your friends. You may be traumatize by some LFD PUGs, but don't let it keep you from doing or trying things with your friends, even better try to get a new one. If you do find a new friend, or just enjoy some time with those you have, then you know why not all Pallys are Pallys.

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  1. Awesome man, now I want to join the Pally comunity

  2. You forgot the fact that Pallys always alert their teammates when there's going to be a transition or an incoming fire.