lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

How I Became a Pally

I have talked about a lot of things,but not about Paladins. Let me tell you how I got to play the most AWESOME class in the game, yep AWESOME, one more time AWESOME.

I started playing WoW like 4 years ago, I got called by a cousin, who had a great game. I went to his house, he was waiting on his room. He was standing, pointing towards the chair in front of the computer, and on the screen the "Create a Character Panel".

I spend a lot of time looking at the races, not because I didn't know them, I had played WCII and III. I really liked the Blood Elf campaing, and loved the way the taurens were introduced to the horde so I was trying to figure out wich to create, but whenever I have to choose a name for a character I tend to overthink it, and end up with something simple. My cousin got a little anxious so went for some chips.

When he came back herealized I was going Horde and said: "O my bad, I forgot to tell you I'm Alliance, and everybody else is, so be an Ally, that way I can help you", some of our friends had already being taken into WoW, when he told me that, my hearth just /sighed.

I created a Blood Elf Paladin, and a Tauren Warrior, just to see the introductions, I was Horde I knew it, but I did't had a clue at the game and was the first MMO I had seen, so I created an Alliance as a way of knowing the game with my friends.

I looked at all the Alliance races, but none of them seem so attractive (I wanted a Tauren Y_Y), my cousin who at that time was really anxious, told me to create a Hunter, his Guild was lacking Hunters, and he said they were really easy to start with since they get a pet at Lvl 10; I wanted a Warriror or Paladin, my most Primal Male Instincts were only going to be satisfied on the front line, Killing things with my bare fist, maybe a Big Nasty Hammer, but my cousin insisted in creating a Hunter, at least until I figure out the game.

I had been hearth brokened twice, just before my first WoW experiencie, but I wanted to try the game, and I tought he was right, the whole idea was to get a Feeling for the game. I created "Hinata", yes "Hinata", a Night Elf Hunter, and went into WoW.

I must have made all the Newbie things possible, starting with "Hinata", I know better know. My cousin leave me to play the introduction quest so I could marvel myself at the gamet, he just explained me, how to move my character. I must say, I miss being that into the game, the feeling I had when I was a really new to the game was awesome. I started questing and soon found myself at Lvl 10, I called my cousin and ask for explination about getting my pet. At that time I had the same bow from the start, and a Staff, cause it fit my Nelf Character, the model was important. Good Times.

He explained and I spent 30 minutes deciding between a Cat or a Bird, the Bird won after one of those killed me. They most be really powerfull if they killed me, right?. I got "Chocobird", and keep on questing, I didn't really like how things went; I sent Chocobird in, he'll get the Monster attention, and I shot them dead. I needed Melee action, as I quested, I cant remeber if it was dropped or a quest reward, I got myself a Fishing Pole, a Hard Hitting Fishing Pole. I was in Auberdine (Broken Auberdine Now) of that much Im certain, that fishing pole had more DPS than all the other things I had at my Bag. I equiped it and start wacking some Bears along the coast, of course Chocobird was helping, and they were dying really slow, but I knew something important then, Melee was my thing.

At that time my cousin checked how was the "Youngling" doing, he watched with a mixture of laugther and horror, how I was killing those bears. He just said: "Ok lets make you a Warriror". He sent me home with the game to Install on my PC, but there was a question in the air, could my old PC handle the game?. This is like Murphy Law, when you dont spec a thing of your old PC, it might surprise you, but when you really need it..

It could not handle the game. I had to wait 2 weeks for a Video Memory compatible with my old PC, to arrive. I installed it. I still wanted to test the Paladin, but all my friends had told me Paladins sucked, and I couldn't understand why. I mean Arthas was a Paladin, and Illidan got Spanked, nevertheless I followed their advise.

I can't complain aboutmy Warrior he was good, he was "Fury", a rogue in plate as some would said back on BC, but once I was 55, with some dungeons and Duels won under my belt; I had experience, I had dreams, I had ambition, and I tested the Pally. I never needed to look at the "Create a Character" screen again with doubts, I know who I am. To this day I have created and leveled 4 level cap Paladins, 2 - 70s, 2 - 80s, and one of those 80s got to 85 on Cata.

The first one, was a Female Human Paladin "Abbie", I was still playing alliance with my friends and family, but as I reached the level cap, I was not happy being Alliance, and I followed my hearth to become Horde. I didn't want to miss the Paladin class quest the Belfs had, so "Kokoro" a Male Belf was born.

Some of my closer friends started playing some time later on another server and I moved with them. I created another Pally "Yola", Male Belf also. Time passed and I real life attacked, I left WoW sometime. I left at the end of BC.

I read all about Wrath and really wanted to get into it, but kept having some issues. Finally things were starting to look better, and one of my friends who had left some time after I did, had restarted playing and called to check the expansion. I went to his house and found him rading Ulduar. I had read all about it, I had seen videos, but being there is different. That same day, I returned home, downloaded Wrath, and found myself creating another Paladin, it was Alliance, my friend had another friends account and his linked. I took that account and he help me power level my Pally, but things were very clear, once I was 80,
I'll become Horde.

The time came and "Visita" got to 80, I waited for other friends who were on the same lane with me, and as soon as they were 80, we went Horde. Home is were the Hearth lays, and I was Home again.

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