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Raid Leading: Tales from the Hearth

I don't think I'm a really good raid leader, more like "He's Ok..", but I do listen to all of my raiders and ask a lot of feedback, in and out of raid; and I like smart playing.

I tend to stay cool while im leading at least during the encounters, but sometimes I got carried away so let me share a "mistake" I made. We were on the LK encounter, and had been wiping for an entire weekend and just extended the lockdown. We were almost at phase 3 on our last try, so that was our goal that friday, 3 Phase.

We started slow but near our 5 wipe we had rythim, I explained what to do if phase 3 arrived, everybody had seen the fight and read about it, but we always do small changes to what some guides say. Everybody was quiet at vent, I was tanking the adds, cleasing in case the Holy Paladin in charge of that chore, missed one of the Plagues. I was the one calling for the timers, even tough everybody was really fast at moving from defiles,I always called for one when there were 5 secs for the ability. I was really focused on the fight, I called for our Disc Priest CDs like Pain Supression if I knew we tanks had screwed something, I was the only voice at Vent, and seemed like my voice was really leading those 9 raiders.

On our 10 or 11 try, everything was good. Adds where down at the beginning of the transition, we had no casualties to those ghost (I had always troubled picking those things), on valkyries our Lock got pick up 2 times and he was using his Demonic Circle: Teleport, and phase 3 seemed on the horizon. At some point I tought we had reached the mark for 3 Phase, and we were supose to run to the borders fast because of the transition and we were saving Blood Lust for those last ghosts, to make a cleaner 3 Phase. Then it happened, I was certain the transition arrived and started yelling, and I mean screaming at full voice on Vent: "THIRD PHASE TRANSITION, THIRD PHASE TRANSITION, RUN TO THE EDGES ALL ON ME".

I always call for things with some advanced because my raiders dont always follow me at the order, but when I yelled: "THIRD PHASE TRANSITION....", they didn't even got time to lag, they were on the edge in the formation we had agreed, only to notice arthas was still following me..........................................................

"NOT YET, DPS HIM SOME MORE ALMOST THERE", I was still screaming but my raiders were performing at their best, they ran back to get some more DPS going but harm was done, a valkyrie got one of our healers and one raider was trap between a defile and the edge, he took the bullet (or he panicked) and fell (jump, maybe trip),  a soul reaper incoming, while I kept yelling "A LITTLE MORE DPS" and then it happened, o yes sir, transition for 3 Phase came.

We lost a healer and one dps to that transition, what was left of the raid regroup on the edge. "BLOODLUST WHEN 2 GHOST ARE OUT", I started popping my cooldowns and somehow we made it to the 3 Phase, and our last Healer got Inside the sword, we wiped.

There was like 15 seconds of silence on vent, I dunno if they were just so flaggerblasted or just containing some anger that could not speak, I was sweating really cold, and found the valor needed to push the vent key, "My bad on that transition, nice try guys"......................... 5 long seconds of silence and then, all Hell broke loose. I can't actually recall what I was being yelled, but I could tell they were not angry, they were actually laughing, we had reach the goal and missed the oportunity, but hey it was a fine ride.

I still get to be reminded of my awesome yell "3 PHASE TRANSITION, 3 PHASE TRANSITION......", but I enjoy raid leading and am proud to say we downed him the next Raid Day.  To you all raid leaders out there, YELL till your hearths content, if you enjoy and encounter, this imho is one the rare small pleasures of raiding.

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  1. XD the funny part is that it was the first time that everybody was doing what you ordered, even the LK followed the order :D