lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Guild hard times in Cata

I'm really sorry for not posting last week, but Real Life issues must be worked fast.

I'm an Officer in a small Guild, yet on Wrath we did good on progression. We had some problems at the end of Wrath with people leaving due to various reasons, yet as Cataclysm approached, we had some new people and some lost raiders returned. We were ready for Cata, or so we tought.

As we leveled up trough the new content, we had some troubles since, theres was only 1 healer and tank, leveling as a healer and tank. Wich limired the amount of people who could run in Guild dungeon groups. I made Protection my raiding spec, and leave my loved Retribution in Hold, as we needed more tanks.

We were gearing faster, with two tanks leading dungeons, but most of our healers, didn't want to heal, "until they got 346 gear", this only made reading slower. We managed to get some healers to step up, and even tough not everyone had 346; I had like 332 Ilvl, we marched into Baradin Hold, and got ourselves a Kill. At the time we were one of the first Guilds, in the server to down the boss.

And so we went to visit Bastion. Halfus had the Slate, Nether, and Storm, we tryed it but failed miserably, and so we went to BWD. Magmaw HP was slowly going down, but the people were doing better each try we did. We had a Awesome start in our raiding, as we had intented before cataclysm started, but "No king rules forever".

For the next weeks we had a "Series of unfortuned events", the other tank was moving to another city so he miss the nex raid, somehow we managed to bring magmaw down, with 4 healers, 1 tank, 5 dps XD. On the second raid day, more people were missing.

For like 2 more weeks raiders were Intermittent, we somehow managed to down Halfus and the Conclave of Wind, wich encouraged the Guild. But the raids didn't feel right.

Our main tank finally moved, but it would take 3 weeks for the telephone company to get him Internet, and was really bussy on his new job. Our GM also moved and was in the same condition, and the PC of an Officer hit the bucket. Leaving the Guild on 2 Officers, a Lock and me.

We were like 16 people ready to raid, but most of them were DPS. I started pushing 2 more tanks to gear fast, we had our guild alchemist farming truegold, for crafted epics. But we could not make and solid raid group, we had different raiders everynight and got stuck on progression. One week we managed to bring magmaw and Halfus, and made some attempts to the Twin Dragons and the Omnotron. But the raids felt heavy and plain. There was always someone not happy about something on a raid. On halfus I got whispers, complaining that the other Tank (Those 2 other tanks I had been helping to gear up) failed. The same thing happened with some healers. I replied, to those whispers, that it was the first time they were doing the fight, and they were our tanks and healers, and that only by raiding will they learn the encounter.

When our main tank finally ot back, we managed to get the Omnotron and the Twin Dragons down. The raid went a really much easier, and people were missing less raid days. Yet impunctality and Loot, were a problem.

We ran EPGP, in Wrath and we had few issues. Most of our raiders passed gear when the person behing them on priority needed more that piece of gear. But as we were getting ready for Cataclysm we made a major guild gathering on Vent, and talk about making a change for the loot system. We (Officers) wanted to give the Gear wich goes on the Hands (Shields, Wands, Off Hands, Weapons, etc) and Trinkets with Loot Council, decided by the Raid Leaders, since it makes a bif differences in performance, in order to make our raid groups more balanced, and everyone agreed.

With all the issues that presented and the people missing, we had apart form those I already explained, 2 more raiders missing, one due to family problems, and the other one because of school, both were healers. And we have 2 more raiders leaving the Guild.

We weren't running the EPGP, because we didn't wanted to hurt so bad those players missing for real life issues, and thats one of the things that has define us as a Guild. But it was about time, the Raid group seemed more solid, and with EPGP the impuctuality will be resolved. We annouced that we were going to start running the EPGP the next raid, and that was when things went south.

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