sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Dips on the Guild

I've been having some rough times with my Guild, wich at one point, got me thinking some really crazy ideas, as I wondered some of my most basic stand points, but one of them really caught my interest. Before I share it with you, i'm happy to say, my Guild has settle down and we are once again, advancing.

Who owns a Guild?

Is it the GM, the Officers, the Founding Members, the Active Members ?. Imho a Guild is made by the players inside it, and can only be as good as those players made it. Decisions for the Guild should be share with everyone, since it involves everyone, and there should be room for discussion and improvement; thats mostly how I see it. However, drama is something that's just around the corner, and it may happend at any time, and to anyone.

When really big "Guild Drama" happens, in cases where is not a small amount of people argument, and Guild taking sides, I mean cases where everybody is involve, and a lot of different opinions and decisions are being made, or demanded. Where it gets to the point of people leaving, treathing to leave, or asking for some big lead changes.

I have been in some of these cases, and in one of them the GM, just kicked everyone not sharing his point of the Guild, and those who did share it, remained. In others the GM, some Officers, and some Guildies, left the Guild. I even know of one where everyone left.

What to do in those situations, is an individual decision. Each player, enjoy's different things and aspects of the game, and has different schedules, even more important each player, is different and unique, like snow flakes XD. That's why online gaming is not rated by the ESRB, online gaming is like a box of chocolates...

In Cataclysm, Guilds gained more weight. Guild Perks and Achievements award life quality improvers, and some strong raid helpers. Guild matter more, and whats even more important, in order to get those thing, everyone must help to get them. Sure they can be achieved by few dedicated players, yet it still remains a group effort, and those rewards are earned by everyone not just the GM and Officers.

Here's my point. If you are in a Guild with say 30 active accounts, 1 or 2 raid groups, fairly active and helping members, and drama appears. If things come to worst, who gets to call Dips on the Guild?

Since the Guild reached lvl X, and its made of all the members effort, should it be a vote democracy on those hard decisions?, should it be the Officers who contribute and work hard for the Guild?, Is it the GMs right, to kick everyone out, just because he can?.

In Wotlk you just changed the Guild Tag, and if needed everyone could leave and make a new Guild, but in Cata, is the perks, the Gold spent, the TIME spent. Its everyones hard work. I know a GM or Officer can kick everyone out, they rank permit it so,but what I mean is, Is it still just they Call?.

Maybe im just refering more to the Etiquette in game, for Guilds right now. I mean, if a GM kicks everyone or those who want changes in a guild enterily out of spite, its obviously bad etiquette. So how much the guild belongs to everyone?. We have PUG etiquette, wich changes should be made on Guild etiquette, now that what everyone does count more substantially.

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  1. No man, no me referia a ti, mas bien a las ideas que me estaban pasando por la cabeza,y cosas que he visto u oido, pero en ningun momentoi me referia a eventos actuales dentro del guild. Y_Y