martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Paladin Tales

I was lost within the heroic flow of real life, but somehow manage to be on time for my raid on sunday.

After a wipe with Maloriak, Half the raid somehow reentered the Raid about the same time, and where heading towards the elevator. The elevator was up everybody was running for it, as we were about to get it, it went down. I was the last one of the group and as the elevator began its slow descent, people stopped at the edge and sighed, not me.

I kept on running and jumped, time stood still while as I flew high , until someone started laughing on vent, and even made a "Splut" sound when I was about to land. It took 2 seconds to realize that raider what had happened.

He was waiting for my HP bar to reach 0, when he made the "Splut" sound, only to be replace by the soft and marvelous sound of my Divine Shield as it affected reality creating a space made of light wich negates all damage.

As he went silent, I just said "Pallys are Sexy".....


1. There were no druids or engineers with parachutes at that time, and our priest entered before the event happened. One of our mages has the "necesity" of buff everyone with slow fall, hoping for someone to jump and die in boiling magma as once happened to him, thats why everyone stops or made a cancelaura macro.

2. Master Katie Teidrich had illustrated something similar in Dead Fall
3. I had a lot of thing going in the past weeks but im not going anywhere

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