viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Guild Happenings: Lost in Translation

As an Officer, you are in many ways a Guide for your Guildies. Specially if your in a "casual" and friendly Guild, and particulary if you accept some leveling players. I try my best to help my Guildies in the things they need, and I really feel it is my responsability as and Officer to look for those leveling players in particular. As a result, a lot of my Guildies often recur to me when in doubt.

Once upon a time I had a Guildie who had just started playing, so naturaly, he asked a lot of questions. One day he had a quest wich send him to Tarren Mill, and He didn't know where Tarren Mill was, and so he asked me, but for you to understand or rather enjoy what happened, let me give you some background information.

I'm Mexican, and I play in a Latin Server, most of my Guildies only speak Spanish, and play with the Spanish Game Client, I don't. Most of the translations are quite literal. wich end up being lame, and the voice acting is spanish it's just meh. I mean Scourgelord Tyranus "Power Overwhelming" was nice, but in Spanish Señor de la Plaga Tyrannus "Poder Abrumador" was just plain bad. That's why sometimes when I'm asked about something, I just don't know what they are referring to, and somethings are translated quite different. The conversation happened in Spanish, but in order for you to undestand it, i'm going to translate it, as best as I can. My Guildie has the Client in Spanish, and I in English, but for things to make sense, lets say it was au contraire. For the Conversation imagine I have the Client in Spanish and my Guildie in English (I think I'm being redundant here). Hoping it stands true, to what it was in Spanish.

Troubled Guildie: Excuse me Visita (Me), do you know where Tarren Mill is?
Me: Mmm my bad I don't know what is Tarren Mill, you see I have the Game in Spanish. How is it in Spanish, or link me the quest in Guild Chat.
12 Seconds Later
Troubled Guildie: Podrias decirme donde esta Tarren Mill?
20 Seconds later (I just couldn't stop laughing)
Me: I needed the name of the place in Spanish, but give a few secs I'll look for it.
Troubled Guildie: Oh.... my bad
15 Seconds Later
Me: It's on Hillsbrad Foothills, Just pass Silverpine and keep following the Road, Tarren Mill is near a River, a bit to the North, almost in the Middle of the map.
Troubled Guildie: Ok ty, Visita.

To date I start laughing everytime I remember what happened, but that is one of the little satisfactions you get when helping new players, and everyone one of us was new at some point. I have had a lot of different Guildies, but that guildie won my friendship in that moment. If you take leveling players on your Guild, and they are really new, help them, it's not always easy, but you might end feeling the excitement you felt when you were new to the game, just by hanging with them.

This how the Conversation really happened:

Guildie: Oye visita podrias decirme donde esta Molino Tarren?
Yo: Molino Tarren?, puedes decirmelo en Ingles o linkear la quest en el Guild Chat; es que tengo el juego en Ingles
12 Segundos Después
Guildie: Where is Molino Tarren?
20 Segundos Después (No podía dejar de reirme)
Yo: No, me refiero al nombre del lugar, no que me hicieras la pregunta en Inglés. Dame un momento y checo el nombre
Guildie: Aaaaaaa, disculpa XD
15 Segundos Después
Yo: Esta en Trabalomas, debes de cruzar todo el Bosque de los Argenteos por el camino que sale al Sur, y seguir en el. Molino Tarren esta casi a la mitad el mapa, un poco hacia el norte, y cerca de un río.
Guildie: Ok gracias Visita.

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  1. *snicker*

    Can't say I've ran into *that* particular translation issue but in my EU-server English-language guild we've got members from quite a few different European locations, including a couple who play with their client language set to German; we periodically run into "Damn, I can't remember what it's called in English. This thing: [link]"; invariably we all (even the German speakers) get a bit of a laugh at the different ways things have been translated.

  2. On the latin servers, you'll probably just ran into, English, Spanish or Portuguese clients, and I found a lot or trouble comunicating sometimes, I can't even imagine how is it like with the EU.